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Our Mission



Our aim is to increase the social awareness and acceptance of photovoltaic power as the source of sustainable energy of the future. With its high quality solar products, KF-Solar wants to contribute to a environmentally friendly. In order to achieve this goal, we are striving to make photovoltaic power even more cost-efficient. Through constant increases in our company's productivity, we are on our way to achieving this goal. 




Our Value



Quality-- Reliability and longevity are built into our world-class photovoltaic (PV) solar cells and modules, which undergo rigorous internal tests and external certifications to ensure peak performance .
Responsibility --As a manufacturer of solar products, we are not just committed to renewable energies, but also take the economic and social responsibility.
Safety--We submit our products to the most stringent testing procedures and competent technical advice: that's what we stand for.








The most stringent test procedures and competent technical advice That's what we stand for.