Solar & Grid Hybrid Controller GS-CPLI Series

Solar & Grid Hybrid Controller GS-CPLI Series

The GS-CPLI series solar & grid hybrid controller is a new type of waterproof controller for LED lamp integrating constant current controllers for grid, solar and LED light sources. It can charge the battery through the solar/grid with the solar charging having the priority. It can maximize the utilization of solar and offer high power supply guarantee rate and high reliability.


  • GS110560CPLI 12VDC
  • GS111060CPLI 12VDC
  • GS1205120CPLI 24VDC
  • GS2210150CPLI 24VDC


  • Solar energy and grid complementary, function of grid charging
  • Specially designed for LED light source, built-in boost LED driver
  • High power supply guarantee rate and high reliability, ensure the load stable output long term
  • Lithium battery self-activating function
  • Apply to lead-acid battery and lithium battery
  • Without any button, parameter setting via Mobile APP, PC software with IR function
  • Digital precision constant current control and the control accuracy are less than±2%
  • Maximum output efficiency of 96%
  • Dimming function
  • Multiple load control modes
  • Discharging power calculation and real-time energy statistics recording function
  • Battery temperature compensation function
  • Extensive Electronic protection
  • Fully encapsulated PCB, IP68 protection
  • Aluminum housing for better cooling

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